Monday, September 04, 2006

Version 2.0

That's the address to my new blog. This one will be dead now that I have a new blog.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Back to School Schedule...

I am just waiting for the day when my schedule is CONSISTENT! But, seeing as how I'm a senior in college-(finally)-I've given up on consistency. I just nailed down my schedule from now until's a little hectic, but what part of my life isn't? The school part isn't complicated, it's the child care part that is. Once school starts, I'm going to be responsible for putting "C" on the bus at 8am, then I have school from roughly 10-3:40, then I have to pick her up from school at 3:45pm and stay with her until either 5:15, 6:10, 8:00, or 9:15 depending on the day of the week. In addition, on the one night a week when "C"'s mom gets home at 6:10, I have to have "C" ready for dance class, which starts at 6:30. I don't even have kids yet but I feel like I'm a primary caregiver!

In other news, the boyfriend moved in today. Now we have a bed that we can BOTH sleep on, an entertainment center, 2 couches, an end table, and another dresser. Along with all of his other stuff. He put a bunch of stuff together and then had to drive down to Flint or something like that for a family reunion. So I'll see him on Sunday night. Then he gets to go job hunting.

While he's gone, I have to cover my old mattress so that it will be all ready for my mom to pick up on Thursday. In addition, I have to get my school supplies and organize myself before the first day because I'm really not going to have time after school starts to get organized...not with my work schedule. So yeah, I guess that's about it.